Post-battle assessments indicate that a total of 11,000 enemy soldiers had attacked the city of Hue. [emailprotected], Sluga,Charley A. 1201048041, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Jun-69 - dated 6/1/1969 Document No. Anyone who remembers me, please contact me, Dooling,,Ralph 2nd Plt Binh Phuoc 12/66 8/67 For the next six years, they aided the Nicaraguan government until peace was finally restored. 352 N Main Street 770-917-1056 Ripley Says Believe it or not Im still alive.. Coons, Platoon RTO for Lt.Teske and Lt.Owens, and Company RTO for Cpt. 636-343-9453 PO Box 1914 Delta Company got the task of manning a company-sized combat base, located at an old French outpost complete with a couple of concrete bunkers, to provide security for a battery of 105mm artillery pieces, and a couple of 155mm toads. The Delta Company Combat Base dominated a steep, winding pass called the Phu Gia Pass, located on Highway One about 16 clicks east of the Phu Loc (6) Combat Base. 5th Battalion Association Secretary, Meyers, Henry F. Binh Phuoc 9/67 6/68 1201048064. 407-876-8206 Enka, NC 28728 Nicknamed Geronimo, it falls under the command of the 5th Marine Regiment and the 1st Marine Division. The Tet Offensive of 1968 nearly succeeded in their missions to capture the major cities and drive the Americans out. Richmond VA 23222 Evenson, Dennis D. 3rd Platoon 12/69 8/70 . LT, served as Platoon leader for the first platoon, Bravo company , from 68-69. The 1st Battalion, 26th Marines is an inactive infantry battalion of the United States Marine Corps. Capt. 9297 US Hwy 6 [emailprotected], Frass,Richard Binh Phuoc HQ Section 12/66 9/67 Oklahoma City, OK 73128 402-631-1295 Shipley, C. Russell Binh Phuoc 10/67 10/68 A second relief force moved toward the CAP unit from the Battalion Command Post, but they were also unsuccessful, so Alpha Company received orders to move to the area of CAP H5 to reinforce them. Raymond RhamyRonald GroffSteven Anderson Bulldozers had created a high berm of sand that surrounded the entire complex, with fighting positions established on its crest and hard-point bunkers dominating the perimeter at strategic locations. [emailprotected], Miguel, Mariano (Sonny) Binh Phuoc 12/66 11/67 God Bless to all my Brothers. Invergrove MN 55077. Acworth GA 30101 203-380-2820, Paraboschi,Richie Binh Phuoc 12/66 11/67 [emailprotected] Angola IN 46703-9404 Anyone who remembers me, please contact me, Strickland, John W.- Rach Kien 8/68 10/69 417-883-4598 Canaan NY, Sullivan,Sean Y. Maple Grove, MN 55311 Hamilton Twp, New jersey 08610 Remember the Plain of Reeds, the convoy escorts from Saigon to Dong Tam, airmobiles to The Testicles, the many ambush patrols around Binh Phuoc and who can forget the 1968 Tet in the racetrack in Saigon. You see, the mess tent stood out like an aiming stake just below the top of the hill. Brian McCormick, Capt. 1201048058, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Nov-70 - dated 11/1/1970 Document No. At the end of March 1968, another squadron of bulldozers arrived at the Phu Loc (6) Combat Base. At some point he was put in for the CMH, but it was down graded to a DSC. Went fron 5th/60th to the 1st 16th 1st ID. Rome,Alfred C.1st Platoon Binh Phuoc04/67-04/68 MARINES CHARLIE COMPAN. On 25 May 1917, the battalion was activated and deployed to France on 1 June 1917. 2057 S. 26th Street 603-863-1121 Transferred into the 5th/60th from the 11th Armored Cav. 46121 Antoine Drive [emailprotected] We meet every two years at a time around Memorial Day. 478-746-8089 Bay Terrace, NY 11360 When I was in B Company, Sergeant Harold Board was the 1st Sergeant. 1st Battalion, 4th Marines (1/4) is an infantry battalion in the United States Marine Corps based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California consisting of approximately 800 Marines and sailors. Most of those that attended, have said they will be at the 5/60th reunion, June 17th 20th, 2010, in Wichita. Didnt know the site existed. 1201019166 1ST BN 1ST MARINES - S-2/S-3 Journal after action reports & lessons learned October 1965 . Bravo Co 2nd/4th FO [emailprotected] Jones, Olen Binh Phuoc 4/67-4/68 [emailprotected], Bailey, Jack B. May - June 1966 Established Hill 54 Combat Base. However, the appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the U.S. Marine Corps.. 218-827-2649. [emailprotected], Harshberger, Thomas J. Sitio, Bakong Bakong, Tolingon It seemed to us as though our enemy stayed completely ignorant of our location. Doylestown, PA 18901 Two U. S. Marines died and three were wounded and evacuated. Teske, Julius (Butch) 1st Platoon Leader Rach Kien 12/68 12/69 North Bellmore, NY 11710-1531 Allentown, PA 18109 During August 1950, the Battalion deployed to fight the Communist force invading the Republic of Korea. [emailprotected] Anyone who remembers me, please contact me. 1st Battalion; 2nd Battalion; 3rd Battalion; 3d Battalion 4th Marines; 11TH MARINE REGT. Brighton, MI 48116 I came to the 5th/60th in the infusion from the 11th Armored Cav, Nilsson, Wilson R3rd Platoon Rach Kien 1/69 8/69 376 Millner I enjoyed my first reunion experience immensely and give my highest recommendation to attend next time to all the fellows of Bravo Co. 1183 Boone Road 1201048004, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Jul-66 - dated 7/1/1966 Document No. This artillery base became critical, because the Marines who currently protected the Lang Co Bridge and the Hai Van Pass operated too far away to receive support from the artillery units based at Phu Loc (6) or Da Nang to the south. 336 632-1005 812-246-5245, Bross, Floyd D. Binh Phuoc 12/66 10/67 253-486-2909 1201051020 1ST BN 7TH MARINES - COMMAND CHRONOLOGY Covering Sep-65 dated 9/1/1965 Document No. Wirth,James P. Rach Kien 11/68-01/70 2307 Oxford Way Marines with 1st Platoon, Company B, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion conducted wilderness survival training during a Deployment for Training (DFT) trip to Fort Greely, Alaska, August 5-17. 1201048006, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Sep-66 - dated 9/1/1966 Document No. 909-626-5220, Higginbotham,Arley W.. Binh Phuoc 1/68 3/68 9133 N. Mile 6 West LT 1st Platoon Rach Kien 9/68 9/69, Bogan,Robert J. 989-737-8248 Marcks, Richard (Ripley) Binh Phuoc 2/68 2/69 336-599-6766 Bjorgaard, George - Binh Phuoc HQ Platoon - 4/67 - 9/67. 2105 Meadowview Dr. Birchfield, Gary H (Doc) - 1st Platoon Medic - 1/68-6/68. Binh Phuoc 2/68 2/69 Pilesgrove, NJ 08098 I arrived in Viet Nam in Dec 1966 and returned home in Dec 1967. 9/67 9/68 F-23, Operation Buffalo July 1967, North of the fire break . Greenwood, SC29646 During October 1949, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines was reactivated in Camp Pendleton, California. 49696 Sable Creek Drive Squad LeaderM-79. There is no clear answer to that question; both scenarios happened frequently, and both were bad news. A PICTORIAL SLIDESHOW OF THE WAR IN VIET NAM COMMEMORATING OUR FALLEN BROTHERS, AND SHOWING THE HORRORS OF WARFARE.1ST. [emailprotected], Lee, Larry E.. Rach Kien 1/70 12/70 Although the results of this battle were initially badly mis-reported, and the leaders of the American government were severely and negatively affected by this, the actual results of this historic battle showed that the Viet Cong were eliminated as a fighting force, and the NVA were not able to mount any military offensive of any significance until four years later. In November, 1967, Charlie Company made its home in a small outpost about 5 clicks east of the 1/5 Battalion combat base. Sgt. Kaysville, Utah 84037 1201048007, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Oct-66 - dated 10/1/1966 Document No. Hope you all are doing well. The Battle of Hue City, Vietnam has come to be regarded as one of the most infamous urban battles in Marine Corps history. 1- 10- (Charlie Btry. 916-768-1040 2/68 10//69 [emailprotected] 4th Platoon Binh Phuoc 12/66 12/67 [emailprotected], Gesiorski,Peter, L. Rach Kien 11/69 10/70 Company First Sergeant, Bravo Co. 3rd AA Bn Home History Contact Family Readiness Marine Family Life Counseling 3D AA BN UVA Chaplain SMP/OFF Duty Recreation Navigation to the following. lexington TN 38351 266 St. Barnabe Street [emailprotected] 1201039009 BLT 1/3 - COMMAND DIARY Covering 25 FEB - 31 MAR 1965 dated 2/25/1965 Document No. Their mission was to protect this bridge at all costs. 303-798-8716 Dong Tam Bearcat 66/67 Platoon Sergeant, Fisher,Ernest (Ron) SP/4 2nd Platoon Bear Cat, Dong Tam, Tien Hiep, Binh Phuoc6/66-8/67 Unit News Archive. Southfield, MI 48076 231-894-2053 When Capt. The real nastiness at the Phu Loc (6) Combat Base started abruptly; early on the morning of 7 January 1968. 716-354-4495. 662-716-0926 [emailprotected], Royal,Malcome V Binh Phuoc 1968-1969 Marine Corps News; . One was wearing my field jacket which prompted people to list me as KIA which took a couple of days to clear up. Now, half of them had been eliminated and the New City was considered secure. 253-460-9623 Formed during World War I, it served until the mid-2000s when it was deactivated to make room for one of three light armor reconnaissance battalions. 306 W Grand River After about 15 years I began to come out of my shell. Smalley, Wayne Binh Phuoc 5/68 12/68 Glendale, NY 11385 48127 Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. [emailprotected] Marines with Bravo Company, Battalion Landing Team, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, conduct a live fire exercise at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan, Jan. 7, 2020. [emailprotected] The battalion formed the left half of the mechanized Task Force Ripper, along with 1st Battalion 7th Marines, Alpha Company 1st Tank Battalion, Alpha Company 3rd Tank Battalion, HQ 7th Marines and Delta Company, 3rd Light Armored Infantry Battalion. U.S. Marine Corps recruits with Bravo Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, are getting evaluated during initial drill at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parri. Contents 1 Subordinate units Chicago, IL 60628 The narrow road wound tightly through approximately 2 kilometers of the sleepy villages of the Phu Loc District before the village hootches petered out. 256-845-4608 Lafond, Duane Binh Phuoc 8/68 8/69 7035 Rosebrook Drive Rhoads,Randall A. 707 410 7408 Anyone who remembers me, please call. Charles E. DelassusLawrence R. Merschrod Route 591, a narrow and roughly paved road, terminated at its intersection with Highway One in the center of the main village. On 8 February, Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Marines, the celebrated "Walking Dead," had a platoon overrun in one hell of a nasty firefight near the "rock quarry" west of the main combat base. Hoquiam WA 98550 E5. Third platoon leader and XO with Bravo Company. 8864 Kind Drive 207 Country Club Drive 336-584-9909 [emailprotected] After two weeks of bloody fighting in Hue, the Marines had managed to crush the enemy forces. 5316 Flagstone Street [emailprotected]. [emailprotected] 23407 Olde Meadowbrook Circle Hoi An days were long, cold, wet and filthy, often uneventful, even downright boring. 10 Lemon Lane 1201039010 BLT 1/3 - COMMAND DIARY Covering Apr-65 dated 4/1/1965 Document No. Barnes, Michael W. F.O. 989-370-5334 During that single day of fighting, a total of 20 Marines died in the 1/5 TAOR, as well as one U. S. Army Soldier serving with Phu Loc (6) District Headquarters; 94 Marines and soldiers sustained wounds, with 71 of them requiring emergency medical evacuation. C-130 taking off at Khe Sanh. [emailprotected], Loconsolo, John M. 4th Platoon EnfieldDong Tam 12/66-3/67 Bravo Company is located on the first deck of building 1363. Binh Phuoc 4/67-4/68 aprox, Beato,Joseph A. Stories; How to Submit a Story; News. 5880 Carrollton Avenue I would like to hear from anyone. There are some really good men listed and shown here. PO Box 157 [emailprotected]. 3156 Woods Road Ross, Willie H. 1st Platoon Binh Phuoc 4/67 4/68 248-569-4416 There was an old French compound atop Bach Ma, complete with a swimming pool and a cluster of very substantial buildings. SSG 3rd and 4th Platoons. Weslaco, TX 78596 As with many of the better things that happened during the Vietnam War, these peaceful days proved too good to last. Cape Girardeau, MO 63703-0743 In April 1946, their mission accomplished, 1st Battalion was disbanded and most of the Pacific veterans returned to civilian life. 305-923-9263 till 7/69. 239 Martha Lee Drive 1201048032, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Sep-68 - dated 9/1/1968 Document No. Stafford, VA 22554 10341 40th Street 1st Battalion, 5th Marines (1/5) "Make Peace or Die!" 1st Marine Division ~ 5th Marine Regiment Infantry Units: 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment . These amphibious operations were launched from their shipboard base aboard the USS Princeton (LPH5), in the South China Sea , off the coast of the Republic of South Vietnam . 1201048043, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Aug-69 - dated 8/1/1969 Document No. Anyone who remembers me I would like to hear from them. Binh Phuoc 2/68 2/69 Marines from A/1/5 engage insurgents in Fallujah during Operation Vigilant Resolve on 7 April 2004. Following the cease fire, the task force backloaded to Manifeh Bay and departed Saudi Arabia on 8 March. Edward Singleton Jr. The remainder of the battalion worked out of the battalion combat base, about four kilometers west of Hoi An, sitting astride Route 538. [emailprotected] Units. Most of the wounds came at the hands of booby traps, mines, and the VCs weapon of choice, the command-detonated bomb. Zaja,Bernard 2/67 8/67 211 Boyett Road Day: 303-875-9090Night & Weekends: 303-919-2688 Gentlemen it was a pleasure to serve with you and thinking back I can laugh till I cry.again, Gentlemen, Thank You., Torkelson,Edwin Binh Phuoc 12/66 11/67 I cant believe that it has been almost 40 years since we all went to hell together. PO Box 169 795 450N Avenue Quegg, Bruce Rach Kien 5/69 7/70 That date would be remembered as one of the deadliest single days for Charlie Company, 1 st Battalion, 5 th Marines during the entire Vietnam War. Schueren when he was KIA at Firebase Jaeger. Lockport N.Y. 14094 We didnt come home to ticker tape parades, but we can be proud of our service. Lincoln, AR 72744 518-762-4077. All told, 142 Marines were killed in action during Operation HUE CITY, and nearly 1,000 were badly wounded and medevacced. The 1/5 Combat Base at Hoi An was made up entirely of sand. 1201048025, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Apr-68 - dated 4/1/1968 Document No. Looking forward to the reunion. Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Owens, Robert L (Doc). [emailprotected] This is a great site!! Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724 105 Royal Oaks Drive Minot, North Dakota58701-2114 Triem Trung (2), 26 December 1967 Established Phu Loc (6) Combat Base. 133 Creston Road 815-625-7997, Amburgy,Michael L. Bearcat Tan Heip Binh Phuoc 12/66 6/67 [emailprotected] Brishaber, Robert Binh Phuoc 7/67 1/68 609-581-8757 [emailprotected], Parfitt,George Binh Phuoc 12/66 11/67 Atlanta MI 49709 In December 1965, 1/5 landed and stayed ashore for awhile, this time at Chu Lai. Janesville, WI 53547 During the Vietnam War, 1/9 sustained the highest casualty rate in Marine Corps history. Bunny thenBunny forever. Anyone that served with me please call me. 1201048029, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Jun-68 - dated 6/1/1968 Document No. Darian,Richard B. 209-477-7544, Kilgore, Bruce Binh Phuoc 68 69 It then re-deployed to Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia and de-activated in August 1919. 1201048015, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Jun-67 - dated 6/1/1967 Document No. The enemy had used the two weeks it took our battalion to get into position for the attack very effectively by reinforcing defensive positions inside homes and buildings and digging trenches and foxholes between the buildings. Thank you very much and may God bless you, Miller, John C. Binh Phuoc 1967 2826 Hillway Drive I was with Pat Dixon when he was killed. Fourteen (14) Marines were wounded. 6 Brookfield Drive If anyone remembers me, please, Ashby, John (Arab) Command Track Driver 4/67-4/68 4th Dental Battalion; 4th Medical Battalion; 6th Engineer Support Battalion. 972-641-0360, Bygness, Roger Binh Phuoc 5/67 10/67 1201048033, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Oct-68 - dated 10/1/1968 Document No. I was a Sgt E-5 2nd platoon. Donald Dietz (deceased), Captain Walsh, Captain Drewnicky, Sgt. Operations - May 1966. Combined Action Group (CAG) Headquarters also reported that CAP H5, located near the District HQ, was under mortar attack and that they had lost communications with CAPs H6 and H7, two more Combined Action Platoons in the area. [emailprotected] Was at Fort Riley with Gino Vazquez, Mariano Miguel, George Parffit, Donnally, Miles, Lt Palmer, Sgt Holland, Wes Bailie, Sgt Quenga, Sgt Board and a lot of other great guys. On the morning of 5 January 1968, an Engineer road sweep team, protected by a squad of Marines from Delta Company, triggered a VC ambush up on the Hai Van Pass. 2023 (1) January 2023 (1) 2014 (67) 2013 (314) 2012 (233) 2011 (118) 2010 (103) 2009 (71) In addition, a substantial amount of enemy equipment and material was captured and/or destroyed by BLT 1/5. The 1/5 is a battalion-level infantry unit composed of infantry Marines and support personnel. Marvin C. BrissDick E. Whitney Greenlawn NY 11740-2121 1/5 was once more deployed to Afghanistan from March to October 2011 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF to the Sangin District of Helmand Province. Also Im not 100% sure if the dates are correct when I got there and left, but there close, also I would not have remembered the base camp name if it wasnt for Max Zurcher reminding of the name, Barto, James (Jim) A. [emailprotected], Paul,Harry J. Jr. Binh Phuoc 3rd Platoon 12/66 11/67 Josh Perry, ein bertragungsnetzbetreiber, bis Lance Cpl. Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 63rd Armor; Bravo Company 1st Battalion, 63rd Armored Regiment; 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 82nd Engineer Battalion; 1201048020, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Nov-67 - dated 11/1/1967 Document No. I was in the 2nd Platoon, and was also a driver for Capt Hurley. 718-366-0640 You were never forgotten, Pettibone,John Binh Phuoc 1/68 1/69 Stratford, CT 06614 Quick,Steven, A. 401-351-8074 I was with Steve Lambert M-60 man when we were ambushed Feb 7th and he was KIA. Kitts Hill, OH 45645 Flower Mound, TX 75022 [emailprotected]. 404-424-1336 608-758-1390 I was B company sniper. Master Gunnery Sergeant Daniel L. Lemere Operations Chief, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines VIEW BIO. 41 Myrtle Avenue [ special memory for Joe Morrison and Cleve Patterson], Fletcher, Harry E. Binh Phuoc 12/66 12/67 1201048030, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Jul-68 - dated 7/1/1968 Document No. During the rest of my tour I met a lot of great men and I am very proud to have served with them and the 5/60 Co.B. 1st Platoon R.T.O. Rach Kien 9/68 5/69 Would love to hear from anyone from Bravo Company. 506 E. Jackson Street ARVN forces held the NVA at bay inside the Citadel, and the Marines of Alpha 1/1 and 2nd Battalion, 5th Marines went on the offensive against the NVA, who were there in force. 1995 George Wallace Hwy I was transferred from the 1/16th 1st Inf. Littleton, CO 80123 [emailprotected] 138 Dallas Drive My MOS was 11C10. The 5th Marines combat base, located further west, sat near the intersection of Route 538 and Highway One. You will not believe the closeness that you feel with these guys, even after 40 years. [emailprotected] Targets include major cities, CAP outposts, and Marine, U. S. Army, and ARVN Combat Bases. I commanded B. Co., 5th Battalion 60th Infantry from February to July or August 1967. 2nd Platoon Binh Phuoc 2/68 5/68 [emailprotected] 5th Engineer Battalion. Canton, OH 44708 856-691-4575 Dong Tam 1/69 1/70 972-539-7512 The turnover of responsibilities commenced on 2 October 1967; however, completion of the equipment heli-lift and forward displacement of the rear echelon wasnt accomplished until 12 October due to restrictive weather conditions. cell 253-315-1365 Find the perfect armored battalion stock photo, image, vector, illustration or 360 image. 651-983-3926 Boggs SP/4 2nd Platoon Binh Phuoc 9/67 8/68, Brown, Allen, R. Tan An 01/70 11/70, Conkle,Dennis Binh Phuoc 1/67 1/68, Cunningham,,Ron E5 Binh Phuoc 3/68-7/68. [emailprotected] Puglisi, Tony Bearcat 11/66 4/67 1201048003 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Jun-66 - dated 6/1/1966 Document No. 503-581-8318, Trevino, Reynaldo V. 3rd Platoon Binh Phuoc 3/67 8/67 Penn Valley, CA 95948 more later. Keansburg, NJ 07734 If you have never been to a reunion, you have no idea what you are missing. Mobile, AL 36693 Dearborn Heights, Mi. 1835 Sagatoo Road Randolph NY 14772 Over 40% of the 1/5 Marines on the attack had either been killed or wounded badly enough to be medevacced, and no progress had been made. 193 Surry Road 751 Kirkwood Operations Summary - November 1966. Company Clerk. 765-966-3908 715-462-9283 [emailprotected] [emailprotected], Perry, James W. Binh Phuoc 3rd Platoon 11/67 10/68 958 Hwy 482 9701 Pearl Street [emailprotected] Richmond, IN 47374 Binh Phuoc12/66- 11/67 2 October 1967 Established Hoi An Combat Base. [emailprotected], Rouillard,Robert L. Binh Phuoc 12/67 4/68 [emailprotected] Tacoma, WA 98422-3328 Rach Kien4/69 3/70 530-432-2576 1982 Waltoffer Avenue 1201048044, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Sep-69 - dated 9/1/1969 Document No. Bravo Co/Charlie Co 2/4th Arty B Batt FO Mio, MI 48647 Senior Aid-man with Bravo Company. 13021 Fourth Drive SE 1321 E. Kildare Street Looking for David Priest and Larry Bliske, Bailie,Wesley E. (Wes) 1st Platoon Binh Phuoc 4/67-3/68 On 14 July 1965, the Commandant of the Marine Corps issued Marine Corps Order 5750.2 (MCO 5750.2), which Numerous squad, platoon and company-sized patrols and ambushes were conducted on a regular basis to ensure the ongoing integrity of the Hill 54 Combat Base, denying the enemy access to the approaches to the Chu Lai airfield. 1201048035, 1ST BN, 5TH MARINES, COMMAND CHRONOLOGY,1-Dec-68 - dated 12/1/1968 Document No. Junction City WI 54443 Operation Iraqi Freedom. Great web site. [emailprotected] [emailprotected] 1st Battalion, 1st Marines. At the height of this engagement, in late January and early February, 1968, over 1,000 rounds of enemy high explosive mortar rounds and shells impacted this lump of dirt every single day. 1934 Birch Avenue Trained-took Basic/AIT at Ft. Riely, were boat people going to Nam got there 12/66 got transferred to K 3/11 ACR around 4/67 was wounded in ambush of 21 may 67. Im alive and well. 36 Bobcat Lane Vietnam. Bravo Company Bravo Company XO: 757-887-4457 Bravo Company 1stSgt:. Some Hoi An days, however, overflowed with blood, terror and death, and so we were very happy to learn, in late December 1967, that 1/5 would soon move north. 52 Meadow Circle Road 65742-9404 405-681-4073. Went with the Battalion to the 1st/16th, 1st ID, Erickson,Teddy B. [emailprotected] However, the combat bases location was dominated on three sides by steep, jungle-covered mountains, and on the fourth side by a village complex. Early the next morning, the North Vietnamese Army or NVA (also known as the Peoples Army of Vietnam, or PAVN) launched a surprise attack against major American and ARVN Combat Bases as well as every large city in South Vietnam. woodforest bank direct deposit availability, ashland led string lights instructions, kraft russian dressing discontinued,
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